In every business, an organization must have a vision and strategy for its operations to understand how it will generate revenue and ultimately profit.  Just as the operations of a business need vision and strategy, Information Technology used in business also should have such strategy.  However, it also MUST be aligned with the organizations overall business goals.

In most companies, Information technology or more commonly referred to as IT is not a revenue generating part of the business.  However, IT is often looked at as a cost center and is often not respected as a partner in the business' growth.  With the increase in demands and the ever-evolving dependency on technology to run business, IT has now become a vital contributor to the success of any organization large, medium or small.  IT should be viewed as an "enabler" for business operations and should be aligned directly with the business' overall business strategy.  In order to align, IT must "CONNECT" with the business and become a partner in the success of the organization.

Tech-MAR | ALIGN can help you "connect" IT to your business strategy by assisting you with architecting the appropriate IT landscape for your organization.  By partnering with Tech-MAR for your IT road map, your business can realize the value of technology in the organization and its future success.


Tech-MAR | ALIGN has an experienced network of consulting professionals who bring experience in the industry to your project, however big or small it may be.  Let us help you steer through the plethora of IT solutions to find the appropriate solution to fit your needs, budget and timeframe.

Vendor Agnostic

Tech-MAR | ALIGN will work with you to prepare a solution that fits the key criteria that your business requires with a clear direction of aligning technology with your business strategy.  This approach ensures your organization gets the "best fit" for its needs.

Practice Areas

Our team of Tech-MAR | ALIGN consultants are specialized in and can help you with the following practice areas:

  • Global Network Infrastructure Architecture design and implementation
    • Wired network, wireless, satellite and telephony solutions
  • Information Security strategy, design and implementation
    • Regulatory compliance
  • Datacenter architecture, design and implementation
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity architecture, design and implementation
  • IT voice and data systems architecture design and implementation
  • IT project, M&A and integration management
  • Service Desk and Customer Service solution design and implementation
  • Microsoft solutions design and implementation
  • Mobile worker and mobile device management
  • Outsource and Cloud solution design and implementation
  • Carrier and Vendor selection and management
  • IT contract negotiations
  • IT hardware and software asset management
  • Outsourced IT management
  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • and more...

We will be happy to speak with you about your business' needs and work with you to put together a solution that "connects".  Please contact us for a free consultation or to setup an appointment with us to begin "connecting IT to your business".  We look forward to hearing from you!

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