Properly monitoring and managing technology can be a daunting and time consuming task for any organization.  Tech-MAR | MANAGE can assist you in managing and maintaining your businesses systems more effectively using our proven processes, experienced support and industry standards to keep your operations running effectively.

Tech-MAR | MANAGE is a preventative and proactive solution that will provide a lower cost of operations over the life of your IT environment.  Tech-MAR can provide the service levels you need to focus on your business and not on the technology, or more importantly IT issues preventing you from being effective in your business.  Our offerings are priced as a flat monthly fee providing your organization with a predictable monthly IT cost.  Tech-MAR delivers what we call the "End Result" in our TM | MANAGE offering. The "End Result" is ensuring we support your needs and we work together with you to grow your business effectively and efficiently for many years to come!

Please take a moment to view this short video that describes the TM | MANAGE service and then check out the detailed list of included services below the video.

The TM | MANAGE Solution includes these services to get you the "End Result" your organization requires (Click on each for more detail):

We are able to accurately automate the software and hardware inventory within your organization.

  • Quick Deployment of small agent - in most cases, systems can be inventoried in a matter of hours
  • Cloud-based administrative dashboard that you or your IT dept have access to monitor
  • Automated, continuous software and hardware inventory
  • Licensing compliance tracking
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities

Provides a consolidated monitoring and alerting tool for your business without requirement to deploy and maintain internal monitoring systems.  We are the first to know of issues that may affect your employees performance and stability.  In most cases, we are able to proactively resolve issues before they become a problem to you or your workforce.

  • Monitor and alert on business systems proactively before issues happen
  • Includes Windows servers and workstations
  • Proactive monitoring of Linux servers and Apple OSX systems
  • Virtual Machine (VMWare and Windows) monitoring and alerting
  • SNMP and IP Monitoring
  • Website Monitoring
  • Network, Security and Vulnerability Monitoring

Our endpoint security will secure your organization from the threats related to the "endpoint" or workstation used by your employees.  Let's face it, there are more threats being found each day on the internet and some of them have become very "smart" and could fool even some of the most tech savvy individuals.  Let us protect your endpoints by ensuring we have the following products implemented within our TM | MANAGE solution.  And, these are included for all of your workstations and servers at no additional cost to you in every option we sell.

  • TM Managed Antivirus
  • TM Managed Web Protection
  • TM Managed Antispam
  • TM Managed Content Filtering
  • TM Managed Patch Management


One of the largest risks in securing systems happens to be email.  This is due to the interactive nature of the product.  Today, there are more "phishing" attempts that present themselves to be so authentic that it only takes one person falling for the trick and clicking on a link in an email to put your entire organization at risk.  Preventive measures are placed in front of your email system to ensure most, if not all of these risks are mitigated and stopped before they arrive in your mailbox.  Additionally, this allows Tech-MAR to provide 1 year archiving in our hosted offering to meet compliance concerns, with an option for 10 year archive as well.  We also provide, included, business continuity in the event your email system is offline you will be able to login to the mail security system and continue to send and receive emails.  Once your mail system is restored and operational, our system synchronizes with your mail system.  This is even more important when you are using hosted email systems such as Office 365 or Google.  You control and have access to your email at all times.

  • Content and Compliance Filtering
  • TM Managed Antivirus/Antispam
  • 1 Year Compliance Archiving (10 year available add on)
  • TM Managed Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Support, period.  We are here to ensure you are able to focus on your business priorities, not an issue with your technology.  We will be available for you when you need us.  We can even provide onsite support if required as an option either included in your cost or on demand.

  • Unlimited Remote Helpdesk Support
  • Online Support and Ticketing System
  • Onsite Proactive Service Schedule
  • Monthly Support and Metrics Analysis and Reports


Most organizations have some type of backup solution in place for their critical systems, but are these solutions tested regularly?  What would happen if you were to need to restore data on a critical system and your backup happened to be corrupted?  Would your organization be able to survive and move on?  Why take the risk?  Tech-MAR includes its TM Managed Online Backup or MOB with the service we provide to your organization.  We will configure this on your critical systems and ensure backups are successful as well as perform regular testing procedures to ensure we can recover your data when the need arises.

  • Built into the TM | MANAGE offering and does not require additional software or hardware onsite
  • Both local and TM Cloud based backups for quick recovery or disaster recovery
  • 100GB included Free!

As the threat landscape widens to organizations conducting business today, there is a massive surge of new entry points for these threats to penetrate your environment.  Mobile devices have become a necessary business tool for all organizations, but due to their mobility and connection to mostly external networks, they are a risk as well.  Tech-MAR provides, yes included, its managed mobile device management solution that can be deployed to your mobile devices, whether company owned or BYOD (bring your own device) and protect the organization.  The capabilities are very different between each device operating system type (Windows, IOS or Android), but all device types on the TM MDM would be able to manage the following to protect your assets or protect your organization from BYOD devices that may have issues:

  • Asset and App inventory
  • Device lock, remote wipe and reset
  • Policy based settings for passcode and restriction enforcement
  • BYOD (Bring your own device) ready
  • Windows Phones, Apple IPhone and IPad, Android Devices


This is where we differentiate ourselves from the other managed service providers in the market.  We have developed a suite of standard procedures that are repeatable for every customer.  While we can't share our secret here, we hope that we can show you how we deliver your "End Result".

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