Resiliency to adverse situations should be properly scoped and planned for in an organization's overall strategy.  The business needs to have the proper protection, redundancy and recovery processes in place in order to prevent, protect and recover from threat and disaster risks.

With the substantial increase in security threats businesses are being forced to face in technology, there are many solutions being developed at a constant rate to "keep up" with the ever-evolving threat landscape.  Businesses should focus on prevention and protection, but also continue to invest in recovery solutions in the unfortunate instance when the threat becomes reality and an organization is faced with recovering from an attack or a disaster scenario.

Tech-MAR | RECOVER provides solutions for its customers to prevent, protect and recover from threats and disaster.  Tech-MAR | RECOVER also provides a solution for those unfortunate events where a company must restore services due to data loss or disaster using a product called Managed Online Backup.  The approach Tech-MAR | RECOVER takes in protection, prevention and recovery are in the following 6 main preventative solutions:

Internet - websites can be compromised and an employee could inadvertently allow threats such as viruses and malware to enter the organization.  Internet abuse can also be a threat to businesses from an internal employee perspective, which requires content filtering to ensure business tools are used in the proper manner

Email - more and more email based viruses and malware along with more sophisticated phishing attempts are being delivered, protection at this gateway is key to preventing harmful risks

Endpoint protection - having strong a antivirus and a patch management solution is key to protecting a second layer of the IT systems.  By adequately planning and deploying critical security and application patches, the organization reduces the risk of the endpoints becoming a gateway for these threats.  Antivirus should be multi-engine products to ensure best possible capture success

Online Backup - offsite backup of IT data is critical to ensuring successful recovery in the unfortunate event when the preventive measures are unsuccessful.  *Unfortunately, there are no absolute preventive measures that fully remove the risk of doing business with technology, therefore having proper offsite solutions and layering security and recovery measures is a must to reduce the exposure to risk for the organization.

Managing patches delivered to your business IT systems can be a complex task and should be properly maintained by professionals who can review and approve patch installations that are tested to ensure there is no adverse affect to other systems or services in your environment.

All of these solutions are included (exception of managed online backup and managed business continuity) in the TM | MANAGE managed services offering.  By utilizing a holistic coverage approach, TM is able to provide layers of security to your systems.  While not every security issue can be planned for, having multiple layers of protection will put your organization a step ahead of those who do not. 

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are common and more popular when unfortunately, disaster strikes.  In most cases, the potential risk and loss is far greater than proactively planning for and implementing a BC/DR plan which should include many areas but most importantly a solution that ensures your operations can continue to operate even in the unfortunate event of a complete loss of your facilities.  The TM | MBC solution provides multiple layers to protect your critical systems thus restoring your operations to service as quickly as possible.  Tech-MAR provides other services both in TM | MANAGE and TM | ALIGN practices around BC and DR.  Please reach out to TM for help with your BC and DR plans.

Each of these solutions are included in the TM | MANAGE solution, with the exception of the TM | MBC - Managed Business Continuity.  The solutions can only be purchased in the TM | MANAGE product offering.  In using all services, the organization protects itself from the main threat entry points and threats.

Tech-MAR | RECOVER can be your organizations complete endpoint and server solution for protection and recovery.  Let us show you how we can quickly add these services to any organization and reduce the risk profile of your company.

Tech-MAR | RECOVER is a simple add-on service to the Tech-MAR | MANAGE product offering.  If you are already a Tech-MAR | MANAGE customer, the deployment of these add-on services are quite simple and easy to add to any customer.

If you do not have a technical team or would prefer to have someone implement these add-ons, Tech-MAR | ALIGN our managed services consulting team has the skillset and experience to scope and deploy the installation of these services for your organization.  Because Tech-MAR | ALIGN resources are experienced with the Tech-MAR | MANAGE and Tech-MAR RECOVER solutions, the engagement can be done quickly and at very reasonable costs.

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