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Let us manage your technology, period. We offer managed services around all core services that you need to run your business, without the hassle of managing yourself.


When you need help with aligning your technology projects, products, or overall strategy, you can count on our experienced consulting group to plan and implement a solution that meets your needs quickly and efficiently.


Are your systems providing adequate disaster recovery, business continuity or fault tolerance? We can help to provide solutions, both cloud-based and on premise to achieve the appropriate level of recovery for your business when faced with unfortunate situations.

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Tech-MAR specializes in a wide range of services, including tailored IT services and solutions for businesses and their owners. We are committed to providing each and every one of our clients with high quality service and support. Our unique IT team is incredibly friendly and can help you every step of the way in growing your business. We expertly combine our services in order to provide you with customized help and support so you only get what you need and what you want. Our innovative approach starts with a thorough investigation of what your company needs to succeed so that we can ensure a perfect fit with you and our services.

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When you need managed services to maintain peak operation in the IT network of your business, consider us here at Tech-MAR. We’ll manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee so you can focus your efforts on spurring your revenues to grow. Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve with your business today with Tech-MAR’s managed services.

Is your current phone system not keeping up with the demands of your business, or do you find your company missing calls, or worse yet sales due to lacking functionality or features? A new Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system from Tech-MAR may be in order. With our new VoIP solutions, you can rest assured that your business needs will be met and far exceeded.

When it comes to network security, it is easy for businesses to say “not me”, “they are only after the big guys.” The reality is that attacks on all networks have been increasing year after year as hackers have become more sophisticated, and businesses are being affected every day by relaxed or non-existent security policies.

When you need help with organizing your business and want to protect your computers from outside threats but you’re on a strict budget, Tech-MAR’s cloud computing solutions can help.

Data backup and recovery is the most important service you could ever sign up for, as Tech-MAR specializes in computer, data, and hard drive backup, as well as system recovery. We use a unique system that backs up all of your domain and server information and stores it in a dissimilar server off site so you’ll always be able to reaccess your data quickly.

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