Tech-MAR Cloud hosted phone solution - Saves you money and hassle of phone problems!
Tech-MAR's enterprise-ready 3CX based phone solution has been designed to provide any organization with a phone system that can stand up to the competition at a fraction of the cost.  By choosing Tech-MAR to provide your phone system, your organization will get:

  1. Peace of mind - no more sitting on the phone with the telephone company
  2. Reliability - Cloud hosting provides multiple layers of redundancy to keep your phones online
  3. Accessibility - with Tech-MAR's hosted solution, your phones can be located anywhere in the world and connect to the phone system
  4. Cost savings - with the enhanced accessibility, any phone anywhere in the world can be a part of your phone system and have toll-free dialing between your locations
  5. Security and Compliance - Tech-MAR can provide secure communications and compliance with most government related regulations
  6. Enhanced Features - with Tech-MAR's hosted solution, features that other voice solutions would normally charge a license fee are included with our solution:
    1. Mobility client (software phone on your laptop or desktop)
    2. mobile apps (IPhone, Android, and Windows devices)
    3. audio and video conferencing