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With years of expertise in the hospitality sector, we are your go-to for IT support solutions and services that won’t let you down. Our understanding of the common challenges faced by venues across multiple sites ensures a reliable foundation to keep operations running smoothly during peak times – even through any unforeseen issues.

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The hospitality industry has quickly become aware of the importance of cyber security in recent years. As the use of technology in hospitality businesses continues to increase, so too does the need for secure hotel networks and robust security software. In order to protect guests’ data and ensure staff are able to properly serve customers, it is essential that hotels have an effective cyber security strategy in place.

Hotel network security should be a priority for every hospitality business, no matter its size or location. It’s important to invest in reliable firewalls and antivirus protection as well as regularly updated operating systems and web browsers. Additionally, hotel security software can be used to monitor activity on the network, alerting administrators when suspicious activity is detected.

By understanding the threats posed to their businesses and taking steps to protect against cyber attacks, hospitality businesses can guard against expensive downtime and protect both their customers’ data and their reputations. It is essential that the hospitality industry takes cyber security seriously in order to ensure a safe but convenient experience for all guests. By investing in up-to-date hotel network security solutions, organizations can be sure that IT is a help rather than a hindrance. With effective cyber security measures in place, hospitality businesses can rest assured that technology will remain an asset rather than a liability.


VoIP Phone Service

Take advantage of the modern technology VoIP phone systems offer! Through its voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) capabilities, businesses can simplify their calling with multi-party features, all while sending and receiving calls via an IP network - ushering in a simpler way to manage hosted voice services.

PCI Compliance

Payment Card Industry Compliance is the cornerstone of reliable, secure payment processing. It involves sophisticated security measures such as data encryption and unique ID assignment to ensure that cardholder information remains confidential while preventing fraudulent access. Through these agreed-upon standards determined by major credit companies and banks, customers can be sure their transactions are processed safely every time they use a merchant services provider.

Business Wifi

Ensure your business is equipped with up-to-date Wifi and take advantage of the data collected to unlock a strong understanding of customer needs. Our IT support provides tailored solutions for reliable connection, regardless of device or usage type - helping you stay ahead on the digital front.

Cloud IT and Support Services

From moving data and applications offsite for security and convenience to deploying resources more quickly and efficiently, the unique features of cloud computing have many hospitality organizations taking advantage. Cloud support services offer comprehensive toolsets that allow you to take full control of security scanning, patching, configuration, performance updates and more. As a result, you can get much more power out of your existing capabilities while still managing issues quickly and cost-effectively.


The Best Technology for your Hospitality Business

At Tech-MAR, we provide comprehensive IT services for the hospitality industry. Our team of experienced IT professionals can help you manage complex multi-site operations and protect your business from potential cyber attacks. From EPoS systems to online bookings and hand-held order taking devices, our knowledge and experience will ensure that technology remains a help rather than a hindrance. Get in touch today to find out more about our IT solutions and services for the hospitality industry. Our dedicated team is here to help you keep your business running smoothly during peak times and beyond.

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IT Assessment

IT Assessment

Our first step is to access your systems, networks, and security, to find what isn’t working for you so we can advise tailored solutions.



Based off of your custom IT assessment our qualified IT technicians will develop a plan with you to target any pain points in your business and optimize your network.



After our IT professionals have assessed and strategized your unique solutions our staff will begin implementation. This may include in person visits to your location or remote access



Depending on your desires and ongoing need Tech-MAR will provide ongoing support to keep your network, systems, and security updated and at peak performance

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