Boost Productivity with Fast and Reliable Wifi Services

Connect to The Internet with Confidence

Is your workspace suffering from spotty WiFi, or is the venue’s odd shape and/or age creating a roadblock in reliable internet access? Not to worry – modern business-grade wireless access points positioned throughout can help ensure that staff and customers alike remain connected no matter what.

Connect with Customers and Employees in New Ways

Business Wi-Fi services by Tech-MAR offer convenience and reliability to keep your business connected. With its easy setup, fast speeds, and dedicated support team, you can rest assured that your connection will remain secure for the long run. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that your office remains connected at all times with minimal disruption. Our Wi-Fi services are available in a variety of packages customized to your business needs. Whether you need a single access point or an entire network, Tech-MAR’s team of experts will work with you to create the ideal solution for your business. Additionally, we offer intuitive web-based management tools that allow you to quickly and easily monitor your network’s performance and make adjustments whenever necessary. With our dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust Tech-MAR to provide the best business Wi-Fi solution for any size office.

Reliable Wifi Coverage

We offer reliable wireless coverage for many different needs throughout your business. Our connection strength ensures that tablets, booking systems, and electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems can be seamlessly connected and utilized. We understand the need to keep business flowing with secure wireless access no matter where your customers or staff are located. Take advantage of a dependable connection everywhere in, around, and outside of your premises with our comprehensive wireless coverage solutions.

Secure Wifi Network

Ensure that everyone is always connected to a dependable and secure network at all times. Make use of state-of-the-art technology to access wifi throughout your building so that no area is left disconnected, even when clients or employees are far away from an internet hub. Implement a system that allows users to stay confidently online at all points inside the premises, speeding up digital communication while keeping essential data secure. Provide seamless continuity between areas inside the building so that staff, customers and guests have complete mobility without worrying about patchy or unreliable wifi signals.

Wifi Splash Access

Splash Access gives you the power to create a unique, custom landing page and collect valuable customer data. Your customers will be able to quickly connect via social media platforms while providing their preferred contact details – like name, age and gender - so that you can further engage with them through targeted campaigns or special offers tailored directly towards them! Unlock a new level of business success; drive revenue by leveraging Splash Access' powerful WiFi authentication capabilities today.

Business Wifi Support

Get connected in no time with wifi installation that is free from any hassle. Just one low monthly fee gives you the full power of quality connectivity to host all of your devices – day or night, 24/7 maximum support. Experiencing a backing and guarantee like never before with round-the-clock maintenance for complete satisfaction.

Get your Business Online Today with Tech-MAR

Tech-MAR has your business’s wireless needs covered. We are focused on providing secure, reliable internet for companies throughout the country. From single-location operations up to regional outfits, our team of experts provides ongoing monitoring and maintenance services that keep businesses connected day in and day out. Knowing that the integrity of the connection is in excellent hands gives you peace of mind through the entirety of your contract period. No sudden interruptions, no lost time; with us, staying online from start to finish is a reality in any working environment.

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IT Assessment

IT Assessment

Our first step is to access your systems, networks, and security, to find what isn’t working for you so we can advise tailored solutions.



Based off of your custom IT assessment our qualified IT technicians will develop a plan with you to target any pain points in your business and optimize your network.



After our IT professionals have assessed and strategized your unique solutions our staff will begin implementation. This may include in person visits to your location or remote access



Depending on your desires and ongoing need Tech-MAR will provide ongoing support to keep your network, systems, and security updated and at peak performance.

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